Increase Access to Farm to School and Early Childhood Programming

Vermont Farm to School is a nationally recognized initiative that supports children’s healthy development and learning, along with Vermont’s economy and communities. In 2017, Act 63, the Farm to School bill, was signed into law allowing both registered and licensed early childhood education providers to be eligible for Vermont Farm to School grants. The Alliance supports Vermont FEED, Hunger Free Vermont, and champion organizations in their efforts to fully fund Farm to School and Early Childhood at $500,000. Full funding will ensure early childhood education programs and K-3 classrooms can access Farm to School and Early Childhood programming.

LEAD ORGANIZATIONS: Vermont FEEDVermont Farm to School NetworkHunger Free Vermont, and the Vermont Farm to Early Childhood Coalition (For more information on the Farm to Early Childhood Coalition and its work, please contact Cynthia Greene at

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Data and Talking Points

  • 91% of early childhood providers polled are interested in implementing Farm to Early Childhood programming, yet only 21% have been able to access Farm to Early Childhood professional development opportunities.
  • The Farm to School and Early Childhood Grants program has engaged over 50,000 Vermont students since 2007. Nearly 50 early childhood education programs have received grants in the last few years.
  • Every dollar spent on local food contributes an additional 60 cents to the local economy.
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Get Involved

  • Advocate to increase funding for the Farm to School and Early Childhood Program. To submit a written statement, please reach out to Cynthia Greene, Farm to Early Childhood Network Coordinator, at
  • Join the Farm to School and Early Childhood email list.
  • Sign a Supporter Card or Write a Letter to the Editor: Have a story you’d like to share about what Farm to School and Early Childhood means to you? Want to motivate others to join the effort to expand our programs? You can sign a supporter card or write a letter to the editor of your local daily and weekly papers to expand public knowledge of the importance of Farm to School and Early Childhood and gain press attention for this important issue in your town and region. Visit our campaign page for Supporter Card information and tips for writing a letter to the editor.