Paid Family and Medical Leave: Improving the Health and Well-Being of Vermont Families

At some point in their lives, everyone will need to take time away from work to care for themselves or a loved one. Our communities are stronger when Vermont families and businesses can count on paid leave. Paid leave programs increase workforce participation, support healthy and bonded families, and reduce poverty. With paid leave, family caregivers are supported, their loved ones can remain at home where they want to be, and growing families have a strong start.

The Alliance will continue to support the Vermont Paid Leave Coalition in advocating for the strong paid medical and family leave program Vermonters need.

Results: No Senate consideration of House bill

The Vermont Paid Leave Coalition continued advocacy for the strong paid medical and family leave program Vermonters need, and urged the Senate to take up H. 66, the comprehensive Paid Leave bill that passed with strong support last year in the House.

Unfortunately, the Senate chose not to give the bill a full hearing during the session. The Coalition will continue to build support for the leave proposal in anticipation of action on the proposal next year.

Lead Organizations: AARP Vermont and Voices for Vermont’s Children for the Vermont Paid Leave Coalition

Data and Talking Points

  • Families who use paid leave are much more likely to report better health, lower stress, and a higher satisfaction with their ability to care for their new children compared to parents who do not use the program.
  • Parents have time to attend well-child medical visits, ensure that their children receive necessary immunizations, and establish breastfeeding if they choose. These practices lower infant mortality and reduce the occurrence and length of childhood illnesses.
  • Birthing parents who take parental leave are more likely to be working and less likely to need public assistance programs a year after birth than those who don’t.
  • An estimated 73% of working Vermonters do not have access to paid family and medical leave.