Parent Child Center Network Integrated Grant: Fully Fund Vermont’s Parent Child Centers

The members of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network (PCCN) are currently implementing changes required by an update made to their enabling state statute, which formalized their structure and partnership with the State of Vermont. The changes have brought additional administrative needs, as the PCCN continues this transition. PCCs have also seen significant increases in health insurance costs for their staff.

The Alliance supports PCCN’s effort to secure a base funding increase for PCCs of $721,945 to cover additional administrative costs, increased personnel costs, and move closer to the actual cost of providing services and avoid a reduction in service levels to our communities.

Results: Modest funding increase

The Parent Child Center (PCC) Network continues to focus on increasing the base funding for the PCC Integrated Grant, which is the funding source for their partnership with the state. Their advocacy goal for FY25 was to increase Integrated Grant funding to address administrative needs, as the PCCN continues to formalize their structures in conjunction with statutory changes made last year. PCCs have also seen significant increases in health insurance costs for their staff.

While the Governor’s budget and the House budget did not include any increase, the Senate chose to provide a modest increase in base funding for the Network of $204,750, as part of a larger effort to provide a 3% funding increase to community service agencies. The Legislature’s final FY25 Budget included the Senate proposal.

Lead Organization: Vermont Parent Child Center Network

Talking Points

  • Parent Child Centers were a remarkable innovation when they were first created nearly 30 years ago, and they are still on the cutting edge of prevention work with vulnerable families. The work that PCCs do helps families cope successfully with both the timeless challenges of all families with young children and the new challenges of the 21st century. 
  • PCCs are a critical partner with the state, providing essential state services to families with young children. 
  • PCC prevention programs and services build protective factors in families that improve families’ overall well-being, strengthen a child’s environment, and reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect. 
  • 94% of parents receiving supports from Parent Child Centers reported feeling stronger and more confident as parents after working with a PCC


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