Increase Access to Safe, Stable and Affordable Housing for all Children

As a key social determinant of health, safe, stable, and affordable housing is essential to children’s well-being and success. Housing instability, homelessness, and unsafe housing contribute to childhood trauma, risk, and negative outcomes. 

Increasing state investments in affordable housing, reducing homelessness, and improving the health and safety of rental housing are critical to improving children’s outcomes. 

The Alliance supports the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition in securing full statutory funding for the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board; promoting continued state investments in programs to reduce homelessness; ensuring that the Emergency/General Assistance Program continues to effectively serve Vermont children and families; and improving the health and safety of the state’s rental housing stock.

LEAD ORGANIZATION: Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition

Talking Points

  • Strategic investments in housing, financial supports, and services help reduce and prevent homelessness; improve the lives of children, families, and vulnerable Vermonters; improve their physical and mental well-being; and improve their chances to succeed and live independent lives – all while building strong, healthy communities.
  • Support capital investments by fully funding the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board to create more permanently affordable housing.
  • Support housing-related financial assistance by increasing funding for the Vermont Rental Subsidy and the Department of Mental Health’s Subsidy + Care programs to $2 million each.
  • Fund supportive services for those with the greatest challenges to finding and maintaining housing by expanding Medicaid funding for tenancy supports. 

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