Visit the State House

“Successful connections with legislators rely on repeated, quality interactions, on the legislators’ own terms, at times when legislators are most approachable.” – Key advocacy tenet from the Alliance’s advocacy training

There are many opportunities for advocates to talk to legislators throughout the year about early childhood issues. Vermont has a “citizen legislature,” which means that elected House and Senate members may have another occupation to being a legislator. They live, work, and are involved in local communities for most of the year, which allows for ongoing relationship building with constituents.

When the Legislature is in session from January to May, legislators spend most of their time in Montpelier. It is important that advocates try to take the time to meet with them at the State House to continue discussions about early childhood, especially as proposals are deliberated through the legislative process.

The Alliance supports advocates in visiting the State House to observe committee discussions on early childhood issues, talk to your legislators, and learn more about the legislative process. Alliance staff and representatives of lead organizations are available to ensure your effectiveness in advocacy efforts.

To schedule a tour of the building and review of the legislative process during the fall when the Legislature is not in session or to schedule a visit during the session when we know legislators are discussing early childhood issues, contact Matt Levin at


“The Alliance staff provided so much support for my State House visit, educating me in how to connect in the best way with legislators. I learned so much and felt successful finding and talking to all four of my legislators. I definitely plan to follow up with them and appreciated having such a positive experience.” – Michelle Perry, Colchester