A Great Day to Become a Member

It’s a Great Day to Become a Member of the AllianceThe Alliance’s annual membership cycle is now open, and Giving Tuesday presents the perfect opportunity to join the Alliance’s coalition of early childhood organizations, professionals, providers, parents, and employers working together to improve public policies that impact young children and families. The benefits of membership are many, but most of all, it brings us closer together, working as a team to amplify early childhood voices and influence policy making in order to realize the promise of every Vermont child.
“I really appreciate the way the members work together, it’s a three-dimensional approach to the challenges that we face. Working together in the State House is really powerful.” – Floyd Nease, Lamoille Family Center
By joining the Alliance, you will be saying “count me in” to partners from around the state. Members actively share information, data, and strategies – and the victories we can achieve together.
“Because of the data we had all put together, it was much easier for us to go in to the Legislature and say, ‘Yes, kids need child care and they need a roof over their head and they need food.’” – Sarah Kenney, Let’s Grow Kids
Together, we took several key steps forward in 2019. The Alliance’s 2020 Legislative Agenda will be published in the coming days and we look forward to continuing this important work – join us today!
We’ve Launched our New WebsiteThe Alliance has launched a new website to help advocates easily find ways to join our coalition, become informed, and engage in advocacy. Check out the new website!