Be Informed

The Alliance supports advocates in talking to civil leaders and legislators about the issues. Learn more about the issues with these resources and events:

Newsletter, Website and Facebook Page  – Sign up for the newsletter for weekly updates and review our newsletter archive; read about the issues on the Legislative Agenda and find policy resources, and like the Alliance on Facebook to follow early childhood issues and action.

Learn about Collective Impact – Learn about the collective impact network structure, read our shared Legislative Agenda, and meet the steering committee members and lead organizations.  

Early Childhood Handout – Circulate the Alliance’s handout containing data and talking points on the early childhood priority issues from the Legislative Agenda. 

Schedule an Advocacy Training – Advocacy trainings and issue discussions strengthen advocacy and communication skills by reviewing legislative processes and discussing early childhood issues. 

Early Childhood Day at the Legislature – The Alliance hosts this annual day of networking, education, and advocacy.