Speak Out

The Alliance works with advocates to build relationships with legislators and weigh in during policy discussions impacting VT’s children, families, and early childhood professionals. Learn more about advocacy strategies and connect with your legislators with these resources:


Advocacy Training and Issue Discussions Calendar – Participate in a discussion of Legislative Session issues at an upcoming event. Join an advocacy training or day at the State House.

Schedule an Advocacy Training – Advocacy trainings and issue discussions strengthen advocacy and communication skills by reviewing legislative processes and discussing early childhood issues.

Early Childhood Day at the Legislature – Mark your calendar for Early Childhood Day at the Legislature. The Alliance, Let’s Grow Kids, and Building Bright Futures are co-hosting this annual day of networking, education, and advocacy.

Sponsor Early Childhood Day at the Legislature – Show your support to hundreds of early childhood professionals, parents, employers, and policymakers gathered at the annual Early Childhood Day at the Legislature.

Alliance Annual Membership Meeting – Join this annual gathering of members, including early childhood professionals and providers, parents, business leaders, and funders from around the state, to reflect on the previous year of advocacy and plan for the year ahead.

Visit the State House  There are many opportunities for advocates to talk to legislators throughout the year about early childhood issues. The Alliance supports advocates in visiting the State House to observe committee discussions on early childhood issues, talk to your legislators, and learn more about the legislative process.